Saturday, 17 August 2013

Basic Web Designing Course in Singapore

What is the Basic Web Designing course?

Our Basic Web Designing course is the most suitable course for adults has hobbies of Internet or are looking to start a career in Website Designing. Perfect for those keen to start an online business.

Adobe Dreamweaver is the popular used design software for current website design industry. The Basic Web Development course is developed for an entry-level programme to give students a wide range of design skills.

Our Basic Web Designing course is developed to teach students the essential Web Design knowledge for building, organising and extending the functionality of basic sites. The course will teach students important technical skills step-by-step to build a static site with the latest technology using Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML, Photoshop and more.

Outline of Basic Web Designing course:

  • Learning website coding HTML5, the latest version of HTML coding
  • Use and validate CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) coding in website
  • Javascript APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)
  • Combine GUI (Graphical User Interface) authorising tools
  • Embed tables, images, videos and audio
  • Construct forms and format Web page content
  • Implement onsite SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Manage websites as projects, related to specific business goals
  • Learn basic web development knowledge
Any interested applicants please check the site: for detail information about the adult English design courses in Singapore.